Pitner Family Dentistry features dental microscopes for microbial, or salivary, analysis. This technology allows us to diagnose any potential dental problems, such as caries, with great accuracy and quickly provide the necessary treatments. We invite you to contact our office at 205-426-2644 to learn more about our microscope and microbial analysis in Bessemer, Alabama, and to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentists.

Most dental infections, including caries and periodontitis (gum disease), are caused or maintained by microorganisms in the mouth. With microbial analysis, we can more accurately determine the source of your dental disease. This accurate diagnosis is essential for effectively treating your dental condition and restoring your oral health.

Using our dental microscope, our dentists can identify the types and amounts of bacteria in your mouth, helping us to determine if you have, or are at risk for, an oral infection. The process of analysis is simple. Our dentists will swab your teeth and tongue, and then place these samples on separate sections of a slide. This slide is then examined for bacteria, as well as yeast, parasites, and white blood cells. After careful examination, we are able to select the most effective treatment to restore your oral health.

For more information on dental microscopes and microbial analysis, and to set up an appointment with Dr. Pitner and Dr. Findlay, please call our office today.