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OK, so flossing may not be for fun, but you can definitely profit by making it a daily routine for your dental health. That is why your dentist always asks you during you checkups whether you are flossing. Already, he knows that only around 30 percent of his patients are flossing daily. Here’s why you should become converted to that elite group of oral warriors.

A sticky film of plaque hides between the spaces of your teeth. It is made out of the particles of food that are left behind from eating. Mixed with saliva and full of bacteria, it cannot be eliminated completely by toothbrush and toothpaste. Those tools only get the surfaces and areas that are easily accessed. Dental floss is the necessary tool for this job. If plaque is allowed to remain within crevices, along the gumline, and between the spaces of teeth, then it builds up and is directly responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.
Eventually, it will cause tooth loss.

Don’t let that sad day come. All it takes is developing a daily oral routine that includes flossing one time each day. Dentists suggest that you floss in the evening before you retire to bed. Simply find a flossing product that you will commit to using on a daily basis. Now there are more options and kinds of flossers than ever before. Besides the typical string floss that all people recognize, there are pre-strung disposables that are ready made for use. No longer do you need to struggle to hang on and manipulate the string. Even easier are water flossers that were made specifically for those who have a hard time with string. Water flossing makes the process enjoyable, giving your mouth a mini-massage.

Taking the short time to floss each day will be a giant leap forward for your oral health. So, start today! If you’d like more information about flossing, call Drs. Findlay and Pitner and our team at Pitner Family Dentistry. Make an appointment at: 205-426-2644, or come by our office in Bessemer, Alabama.