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Do you know how to treat damage that has occurred to your mouth due to blunt trauma or other similar oral accidents or injuries? Did you know that if you have a tooth knocked out, it could potentially be saved once again? The truth is, there are many things you can do to help treat your smile before professional help can be given. Listed below are some early emergency treatment plans:

– Object caught between teeth: If you ever have any objects stuck between your teeth do not try to remove them with sharp objects or pins. Instead, try to remove it with a dental floss by gently and safely wedging it between the object and your teeth.

– Chipped or broken teeth: If you have any teeth that are chipped or broken, rinse out your mouth with warm water. In addition, if you are bleeding, use a gauze and apply it to the area until bleeding stops. If bleeding does not stop within 10 minutes, visit the doctor or the emergency room.

– Knocked out teeth: If you ever happen to suffer an oral accident or injury that has left you with a tooth that is knocked out, collect the tooth and place it in a liquid solution, preferably a cell growth medium such as Save-A-Tooth. In many cases, if you visit your dentist within one hour of losing the tooth, they may be able to reinsert it back into its socket for full functionality once again.

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