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Gum disease can vary in severity, symptoms, and potential complications. It often starts when inconsistencies in your oral hygiene practices fail to adequately clear food particles, plaque, and other bacterial deposits from your mouth.

Early symptoms of developing gingivitis often includes: periodontal tissues that bleed easily when brushing, and flossing. This could also be accompanied by chronic bad breath problems. If it’s caught in a reasonable amount of time, a thorough dental cleaning at Dr. Rebecca Pitner’s clinic can remediate the presence of hardened tartar to reduce inflammation in the periodontal tissues.

Without professional intervention and treatment, followed by consistent oral hygiene improvements, the inflammation of gingivitis could worsen into periodontitis.

As this severe periodontal infection develop the presence deep in your gum tissues can cause them to recede from the base of your teeth. Accumulating pockets of infection can also start to develop deep within your gums near the base of your teeth. In time, it can even cause a loss of structure in the bones that anchor your teeth.

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