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There are many issues involved with developing mouth sores, and here at Dr. Rebecca Pitner’s clinic here n Bessemer, Alabama, we may be able to point out infections and solve the cause of your mouth sores. The solution may be as simple as the types of food you eat (whether they are too acidic or hot) to viruses, or ill-fitting dentures to braces. Another cause may be oral cancer but this is typically the last option to ever be the reason for your mouth sore.

To eliminate most mouth sores and infections, ointments can usually solve this irritating issue; however, there may be underlying factors to some sores and infections. This can be because of an infected tooth or gums. In these type of cases, your dentist will most likely prescribe an oral antibiotic to solve your mouth sore issues.

Writing down the foods and drinks you ingest could be helpful in discovering the cause of your mouth sores to determine whether what you ingest is a culprit. Most of the time, mouth sores will heal on their own without the treatment of outside sources, but simply taking care of what you put in your mouth.

Some other changes you may need to make is to quit chewing tobacco or cool off your hot beverages before drinking. Another option you may consider is getting your vitamin and hormone levels checked. Most of the time, these steps will take care of your sores and infections. If after a couple weeks you are still experiencing mouth sore issues, contact Pitner Family Dentistry for a consultation by calling Dr. Rebecca Pitner and our professionals here in Bessemer, Alabama, today!