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Dental restorations that call for the use of a dental crown often employ a strong dental adhesive to bond the dental work to the underlying anchoring abutment. This is designed to rival the natural strength of the tooth’s root while bonding it in place.

As time goes on poor oral hygiene and periodontal health problems could affect the abutment or allow bacteria to weaken the dental adhesive holding the dental crown in place. This could cause the crown to feel loose in your mouth or even lead to increased sensitivity when chewing.

If you have a dental crown that feels loose, you need to have it examined by Dr. Rebecca Pitner at your earliest convenience. The longer the loose crown goes untreated, the more likely you are to experience significant complications.

While waiting to see Dr. Rebecca Pitner you will need to resist the temptation to wiggle or attempt to clean the loose dental crown. Every little bit of movement has the potential to cause damage to the abutment. Dr. Rebecca Pitner will handle any necessary cleaning measures during your appointment.

If the anchoring abutment inside the dental crown is healthy she might be able to cement the original dental crown back in place, or start the process of fitting you for a new crown. If the abutment has been damaged, she might need to perform a root canal to restore the abutment’s structure.

If you are in the Bessemer, Alabama, area and you have loose or distressed crown, you should call 205-426-2644 to schedule an appointment at Pitner Family Dentistry.