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Of the many forms of tooth restorations available, very few are needed before the ailment has occurred. However, with dental sealants, they can be placed to help prevent an oral health disorder from occurring, rather than just treatment one after it has happened. You can enhance your smile with dental sealants. Let’s take a look!

– Sealants are typically clear and allow the natural beauty of teeth to continue to shine through.

– Dental sealants are extremely useful for children, as children are often at the greatest risk for cavities and tooth decay. Studies done by the CDC have demonstrated that children with sealants are 3 times less likely to develop cavities on protected teeth.

– Consistent with numerous studies, you can decrease your risk for tooth decay by as much as 80% with the application of dental sealant services.

– Tooth enamel thrives better when under the aid of dental sealants, which can resist the acids that erode through normal teeth.

– A single dental sealant frequently last over 10 years before a replacement should be considered.

– Around the age of 6, a child’s first molar begins to flare up above the gum line. When this occurs, sealants can be beneficial for their teeth.

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