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Your oral hygiene routine is vital for your oral health, but it’s only effective if you have the best oral hygiene tools. Unfortunately, a dirty toothbrush isn’t the best toothbrush to use to clean your smile. To help you maintain a clean toothbrush in Bessemer, Alabama, Dr. Rebecca Pitner and our dental team have some helpful tips for you.

The first thing our dental team recommends is to wash your hands before you reach for your toothbrush. This is recommended because if you brush with dirty hands, there is a good chance the germs can jump to your toothbrush and make it dirty. So, please wash your hands with soap and warm water.

The second thing we recommend is to dry your toothbrush after you have brushed your teeth. This is especially imperative if you have a cover for your toothbrush. Please place your brush upright when you are done brushing and let the bristles dry before you put the toothbrush cover over it. This is encouraged because a moist environment encourages the growth of bacteria.

The third thing we recommend is to keep others from using your toothbrush. If you share your brush, the saliva can also be shared, and when it is transferred from one mouth to another, it can easily promote cavities. It’s also important to throw your toothbrush in the garbage after you have been sick.

To learn more about how to maintain a clean and pristine toothbrush, please call us today at 205-426-2644. Our dental team at Pitner Family Dentistry will be thrilled to talk with and help you!