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You are eating popcorn at the movie theater when your teeth crack down on a solid kernel. You think nothing of it until later when you feel a small chip in one of your teeth. One of the best options to fix that tooth is recontouring. Recontouring your teeth is a simple, speedy procedure to reshape your tooth. Pitner Family Dentistry wants to help you fix any small chips or minor blemishes to give you your best smile.

There are many different options recontouring can do for your smile. A small chip in the tooth, pits or bulges in the tooth’s enamel, irregular tooth shape caused by uneven teeth, or the length of your canines may be one of your teeth’s slight imperfections. Veneers and bonding is needed if the damage is more than recontouring can fix. Veneers redesign the front teeth and bonding attaches material to the tooth.

Your dentist can fix a small chip, pits or bulges by smoothing or leveling out the rough edge. The length of your canines and irregular tooth shapes can be adjusted to your preference. A substantial chip or fracture can be fixed with veneers or bonding which of themselves are recontouring.

You first see your dentist for an exam to determine which treatment pertains to your oral care. The exact size and location in relation to the tooth’s pulp containing the nerves and blood vessels is found by an x-ray. A veneer or bonding may be used if the enamel is too thin or the pulp lies too close to the surface which is determined by the x-ray.

To remove a tiny part of the tooth enamel, a sanding disc or fine diamond bur are handled in the procedure. If there are flaws in-between the teeth, a strip of sandpaper will be used to smooth out the tooth with a polish to give the tooth its final sheen.

A meeting with your dentist after a recontouring procedure is not required, but if you would like to schedule another appointment or you have any questions, give us a call at 205-426-2644. Pitner Family Dentistry here in Bessemer, Alabama will be happy to answer any questions and assist you!