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If you have recently undergone an oral health care procedure such as tooth replacement procedure, it may seem like a daunting task to adjust to life with your new teeth. If you have opted for dentures, we hope your decision brings you many years of enjoyment to follow. Although adjusting to simple tasks such as eating and speaking may take a bit of effort with your new teeth, tasks such as caring and cleaning them remain simple.

You will want to keep your dentures safe. Here are some simple hygiene habits to follow for healthy dentures:

– Soak and store your dentures overnight. Always talk to your dentist about the best storage methods.

– Avoid using products on your dentures such as abrasive toothpaste or teeth-whitening treatments, as they can easily damage or bleach the dentures.

– Always be sure to show up for your regularly scheduled checkups with your dentist at Pitner Family Dentistry.

– Clean your dentures daily, including soaking them in a denture solution or water. Brush your dentures daily with a nonabrasive cleaner that has been permitted by your dentist.

– After eating, it is always a good idea to remove your dentures to clean them and remove any food particles.

– Before inserting dentures or after removing them, always be sure to clean your gums safely and efficiently.

– Be very careful when handling dentures as they can be slippery and easily dented if dropped.

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